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xiu with glasses is so much sass


"guuurl no, you can’t pull that outfit off. eww just dont"


"your music taste it shit and you’re an idiot, now go get me a soya latte from starbucks"


Hope the missing people will be find soon….
Its so hurt when i watch the news…
I want cry while watching them….
I thing God really love them….
M Countdown ~ Sungmin
cr; the owner
140222 PressCon SS5 Beijing
cr: the owner
140222 SS5 Beijing
cr: the owner
140222 SS5 Beijing KyuMin
cr:the owner
140221 Sungmin @Beijing airport


Hy guys… i want ask you all… is he looks like kyu for you??? Coz a lot of people say he looks like kyu….
cr:his instagram

Yes he is

But when i watch his drama his not like kyu… why just me say he doesn’t like kyu… ㅠㅠ